Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sheikh Sabir Abdul Hakam

Shiekh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar, A Syrian recitor who currently resides in Medinah and is considered the scholar of qura'an teachers in medinah, was asked who is the best reciter to listen to. He answered by saying that whoever brings your heart closer to Allah and makes you feel khushoo3 while listening to him is who you should listen to.

This person for me is Sheikh Sabir Abdul Hakam. He is the Imam of a masjid in 7ay il wurood in Riyadh. He is quite possibly the greatest reciter alive today that nobody knows about. I came to know of him through a couple of my friends who studied under him for a long time. They spoke so much of him and how great his recitation is that I really wanted to listen to him. I found some online files, and he really is outstanding, despite the poor quality of the audio files.

Last winter when I went to Riyadh, I searched for his masjid and went for salatul 3isha2. Between Adhan and Iqama I was making dua'a the whole time that he recites really nice verses. Alhamdulillah, he recited the last page from suratul zumar, and it was quite possibly the greatest recitation I have ever heard in my life. Masha'Allah.

Anyway, I just heard Suratul Zukhruf for him and it's pretty good for the quality. Here is a link:


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